Starting Windows 8.1preview Microsoft has unveiled its much awaited “Windows 4.1 Preview” version at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. On June 27, the company announced its services for gaming, music and more at the 4 Build Developers Conference. However the most interesting was the latest release of the Windows operating system. This is not the final version, but a preview version of the next major update of Windows 8. After the release of WSOS, Microsoft made several changes to its interface and responsiveness to usability. Let’s see what’s new in Windows 8.1 Preview.

  # More Customizable Start Screen

  With the launch of Windows 7, the start screen based on “Metro” styler tiles will be further optimized with the latest update to Windows 8.1. Its live tiles allow you to resize more than before. The start screen has the option to set the background to high speed and wallpaper at will.

  lock screen

  Windows 4.1 has the “Boot to Desktop” feature. That is, as soon as the computer starts, you can go directly to the desktop without going to the start screen. Microsoft did not have this feature on Windows 8 as it faced many criticisms.

  This new preview update also improves Windows lockscreen. From now on you can receive Skype calls even when the PC is locked. It also has the option of turning on the camera and taking a photo slideshow on the lock screen without unlocking the device.

  #StartButton is back

  Startupbutton If you see our other posts about Windows, we should already know that Microsoft will bring the Start button back to Windows 3.0. In the previous version of OST (WA3), most consumers did not like the start icon to disappear. And so Redmond has retrofitted the button on the desktop again. Click the start button to look like a square window and a tile based start screen will appear. And right-click on the icon and you will get the option to shut down or restart the PC with the Power User menu! In addition, the function of heated corners and leather bars has also been improved.

  # Application Snapping and Screen Sharing

  App Snap may have tried to run multiple apps on a single screen while running the application on the tiles-based interface (Metro) of Windows 8. But in that case, there was usually a limit to sharing the monitor between the two apps, 1/4 percent. Windows 8 has tried to solve that problem. This allows you to adjust the desired percentage for two applications to 1/4 or more. In this way, 2,2,3 or more applications may collapse. However, the performance power of the show will have some role. This means that even though there are more app flicks than Windows 7.

  Windows 4.1 has had a great deal of development in multiple monitor support. The native Miracast wireless screen sharing feature adds a new dimension to your presentation.

  # Improve PC settings interface

  In Windows 7 it was possible to control some “Settings” options in the Skin menu. But most of the essential tools were in the old UI (such as Windows 7’s control panel); In Windows 4.1 you can control all the useful features in the Metro style interface.

  # Get there as soon as you search

  রাণলা াাঅরাঅ অ অঅ. car. অ. অ. অ. Car rental After searching it is possible to get results from PC, app and web. Amazing new presentation and performance in search results is excellent.

  # New application, new experience

  bingfood In addition to the development of previous applications in Windows 7, some new apps are also being added. The build conference includes Microsoft screenshots and screenshots, but it will not be available in the current preview. But perhaps it will go to a later version. Some of the most notable applications of Windows 8.1 are the photography app Spin, Internet Explorer 3, Mail, Office, Skype, Bing (health, food, drink, travel), Xbox music, news, and more.

  All in all, the Windows 8 update will undoubtedly add a new dimension to your computing. You can see the official version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview by visiting this official page.

  Stay tuned for comments on the new features of Windows 7.1 and how this post sounded. Happy computing

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