iOS 13 beta 1 has been on my iPhone XS Max and my iPad pro for about 5 to 6 days by the time you’re watching this and it is definitely very buggy there’s a reason Apple makes it difficult to install and I think they’re waiting for the public beta in July because this is a very early beta and I have mixed experiences even between this device and the iPad pro. So, between the iPhone and the iPad pro there’s definitely different experiences now let me show you my experience and then tell you why you probably shouldn’t install it.

So, the first thing is settings while I’m using you’ll see dark mode here we’ll talk more about battery in a moment dark mode seems to help battery a bit I’m not sure I like a dark mode that much it seems a little depressing but you can change that up. If you haven’t seen this to be automatic light during the day dark at night and it definitely helps battery and helps when it’s low light around you but settings has been freezing on me and I haven’t had that prior to this with iOS 12.4 betas or even twelve point three point one.

So, I still have settings freezes now with this beta also I have apps crash all over the place in fact money which is something I like to use a lot. If I open it you’ll see it crashes every time I can uninstall it reinstall it doesn’t matter it just does not work.

So, there’s definitely some compatibilities that you may have to try with your different apps so I wouldn’t recommend installing this on your main device by any means now when it comes to Wi-Fi and LTE it’s actually been pretty good I haven’t had any issues with connectivity really seems to be as good as 12.4 beta 3 or I really have no issues with it whatsoever also when it comes to battery though it’s a different experience between my iPhone and my iPad for some reason.

So, if we go to battery here this one has 100% battery health let’s go back here and over the last you’ll see here’s the days that I’ve had the beta it seems to be going down about 4 hours and 24 minutes of screen on time 4 hours and 13 minutes of screen off time now of course I could turn off some of this background activity and it will probably help a lot and I probably will do that in the future but you can see these 3 apps here YouTube studio spark and Twitter are using up a lot of power but it’s not too bad because I had about 50% battery life left with this screen on time.

So, not really that bad I’ve heard of others with terrible battery life though. So, I’ll be turning off some of the background notifications but on my iPad pro it’s a different story it’s not great battery life at all now there’s no way to see battery health on the iPad pro but you’ll see right here 50% battery life and only about 3 hours of screen on time and 41 minutes of screen off time mostly watching YouTube that is terrible battery life for an iPad pro normally we get about 9 or 10 hours when watching video so there’s definitely something going on.

it has been a pretty good experience a little buggy with this widgets bar here but overall it’s been pretty good there are definitely issues with sharing certain things don’t work properly apps crash in fact I’ve had to reboot my iPhone three or four times and also my iPad multiple times as well at least two times since it came out on Monday so there’s definitely some issues with that also voice-to-text seems to be greatly improved but it seems to crash apps a lot messages it’s crashed Twitter it’s crashed in almost every time. If I reply to a comment using the YouTube studio it will crash. So, let me see. If I can show you that. So, most of the time.

If I use voice to respond to this it works really well but it crashes the app every time I’ll show you. So, they want to know. If you can use iOS 13 on the iPad 10.5 and I’ll just let them know yes it will be available when it comes out well it send and it crashes the app every time but the reply is there. So, that’s one of the bugs I keep having and there’s other bugs all throughout one other little thing a lot of people have asked me is about 3d touch and is it no more and it definitely seems like it’s going away.

So, this issue I had during the iOS 13 beta 1 video trying to show the different Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections what you do is you hold in the middle here and it’s not a 3d touch anymore it’s a touch and hold it feels very much like haptic feedback as opposed to pressure based feedback then you just touch and hold your Wi-Fi network and. If you have multiple networks they show up. So, you can do that now like this but again it’s not pressure-sensitive because I tap and hold you can’t push a little bit like you can on iOS 12 and older.

So, unfortunately it seems like it’s no more there are weird bugs all throughout and I really don’t like where they put the updates under the App Store. So,. If you go into the App Store. If you haven’t seen this tap on your name or your little icon in the upper right and then. If you scroll down you’ll see these are all your updates. If you have them so it’s just kind of a weird spot to put them maybe it’ll just be automatic in the future but right now that’s kind of an odd place but otherwise I have a friend that actually installed this beta said it was super buggy they wanted to go back to iOS 12 point 3.1 and they were unable to do.

So, very easily in fact they ended up having to wipe the phone and I keep having the weird issue with my watch saying it can’t set up cellular but the person was unable to uninstall the beta restore or anything they actually ended up factory resetting their phone and restoring it using iTunes and it just wouldn’t even work on Mac OS Catalina or anything that couldn’t restore it.

So, really messed everything up. So, again I would just wait until the public beta in July and that’s usually when it’s stable enough to use on your main phone or at least a test device regularly it may not be as buggy for you in fact it’s not as buggy on the iPad for me but as far as battery life that’s terrible.


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