this is the new apple CarPlay in iOS 13 and it doesn’t look terribly different but you may notice this new icon down here but let’s first take a look at some new apps. So, we now have a calendar and settings let’s go into settings first and you’ll see we have three options now we now have do-not-disturb while driving appearance and suggestions in dashboard .

so. If we’re going to do not disturb we can activate this with apple carplay or it’s off by default we also have appearance. So, we can have it be automatic based on day/night or whether or not your lights are turned on and also always use dark mode I’ll just leave it in automatic for now we also have suggestions in dashboard this is on by default and it’s serious suggestions based on things that are in your calendar now. If we go to calendar you’ll see we have one thing here I’ve put in here I don’t really use calendar too much.

So, you’ll see it says record apple carplay video. If I tap on this we can get directions to where we need to go to record that and I just put in a destination. So,. If we tap on this we can hit go and you’ll see that interface for maps is a little bit different and we have a couple options in here now as well now there is a new Junction view but we do have share ETA.

So, If you want to share your ETA with someone you can just share it and it will send via SMS if they’re on Android. If something like that and then also there are some changes from manufacturers they can now implement the hey feature when you say Siri after that and allow it to use it throughout the OS but during this particular navigation session. If we hit this button here you’ll see we can search for something else we can share the ETA like I said before and. If we search for something else we could add a gas station. So,. If we want to add a gas station maybe we’ll add this to our route and you’ll see it pops right up there now everything seems to be pretty fast.

So, far on this. So, we’ll add this one to it and it brings us there or we can just end the route altogether we also have our favorites search and destination then we can go to 3d and based on where you’re located this map will be updated throughout the year it could look better as well we can zoom in or zoom out depending on the actual the actual head unit that you have in your car whether it’s factory or aftermarket like this one it may different maybe a little bit different based on what you have now on the home screen we have a new view if I hit this button we’ve got our map here we also have our suggestions for where we may navigate to we have our currently playing song or last playing and also our calendar. So, this is a serious suggestion view and we can go right into calendar from here and everything’s actually pretty fast when you’re navigating around now they’ve updated music as well.

So,. If we go into music it doesn’t look too different here but. If we actually browse music it looks a little different. So,. If we go to 40 you will wait for it to load and you’ll see we have recently played personalized mixes and music now supports bluetooth from your phone to show you the album art. So,. If you’re streaming from your phone and it didn’t show the album art before it will now and then we have radio and now playing which is animated it’s really nice.

So, I’ll hit play. So, the song is playing I just have it muted and then. If I go back home go into music we’ll go back you’ll see it’s animated as though it’s playing the song we can go right back into it it’s very fast and fluid now a major change they’ve made is cerium and Siri is quite good but we’ll tap and hold navigate to the closest gasstation the closest one I found is Citgo on the independence Boulevard okay go they’re getting directions just sit go and you’ll see it gets directions it’s pretty fast no problems there and it seems to work just fine and now messages gets a little bit of a revamp as well.

If we go into messages and then we’ll go and text family member here one moment what do you want to say I’m just testing out Siri using apple carplay your message to Chad’s all oh says I’m just testing out Siri using apple carplay ready to send it. So, you’ll see it’s a little bit different I can send it cancel change it and it looks a little different now. So, overall it’s pretty nice the final thing that’s new is when you’re using your phone and maybe I go into music it no longer changes on this display.

So, if I go into music I go home or maybe I go into say Google Maps it doesn’t open up on the display here it lets you use it independently of apple carplay which is really really nice. So, that’s it for the new redesign of course.

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