It’s ok now the first thing you need to know is that there are a ton of different changes I did a separate video on iOS 13 covering it on the iPhone and that is a 25 minute video with a ton of different changes now I’m not going to cover all of those little changes for the iPad because those carry over from iOS 13 as well to the iPad but the iPad gets its own set of unique updates so I’m going to cover those specifically now performance on the iPad should be 2 times faster as far as app launches and also download sizes in the app store should be better as far as half the size and apps should load about two times as fast.

Apple released iPad OS 13 beta 1 to developers now this was difficult to install you had to use iTunes and also have Xcode 11 installed download the file and then install it on the device they really don’t want people other than developers installing it the public beta will be available in July and then the final version will come out in September and here are all the supported devices for it it goes back not as far as I’d like .

So, it should be really quick now this is the home screen layout of iPad OS and as you can see we have widgets on the left you don’t have to have that but I have it attached here you can go through your different widgets and then you have your different icons here as well that’s really nice we also have dark mode enabled none of the control center has change you should be able to get into control center tap and hold or 3d touch or 3d press on the icon and have it pop out and give you different Wi-Fi connections or Bluetooth connections I can’t get it to work on 4 different devices it’s supposed to be there it will probably be there in the future for me they’ve also updated split view and slide over.

So, let’s go into Safari you’ll see there’s Safari nothing exciting there although there’s more to talk about with Safari. If we slide up here maybe we’ll bring in the App Store. So, we’ve got the App Store of course we can do the normal slide over and split view thing just like that you do have to pull a lot longer though or a lot further down in order to get that to work. So, you’ve got normal slide over we’ll go back now we’ve got a little slide over here from a different web page of course we can do forward and back but. If we bring in an app here there’s our app slide up again slide up again and then let’s bring in music and now we’ve got two apps there because I brought one there before. If we slide up again and maybe bring now let’s bring another Safari window right here. So, now we have three different windows and we can swipe between them. If we swipe up a little bit we can swipe them off the display.

So, that part’s really nice it’s just a better way to work you have more information.

If we want to move this over here we can you grab this little edge here and you can move it and you’ve got the full thing of course you can resize it and zoom and everything. If you’re on a webpage. So, it’s it’s pretty nice that way now we have app expose on the iPad as opposed to just the Mac. So, now. If we go into Safari swipe up here a little bit tap Safari you’ll see all your different open windows or apps. So, that part’s really nice it’s just built in and very simple to use now we have a very big update to Safari in that it’s a desktop browser now. So, this is a full desktop mode now. If I tap the two icons or two font icons here we can resize font in real time but we have some more settings here to request the mobile website. If we go to the settings you’ll see we have desktop website and reader automatically camera microphone and location.

So, request desktop a website all the time so this will work with things like Squarespace WordPress this is actually running on WordPress WordPress and actually Google’s Chrome apps. So, you want to use sheets or Docs or whatever they will work in a full browser that part’s super nice now you can do something neat with notes too you can just drag and drop things from the website. So,. If you haven’t seen this will bring in notes. So, now I have a separate split view maybe I want this over maybe I want this over here I can just drag and drop it put it in there you can dothat with mail or whatever you’d like it’s really nice and helpful you could do some of that before but they’ve really improved it this time around now if we go back into Safari and I tap up here on the keyboard we have the option to shrink the keyboard now. So, maybe we’re working on something and we have the keyboard and we only really have one hand to work with it well now I can drag it around do whatever I’d like I can all.

So, swipe on it. So,. If I want to swipe  tech I can do that and then bring it back super easy to use and kind of reminds me of features they had on the iPad a long time ago but they brought it back now we have another neat option when we capture a webpage. So, maybe we’ll go to my website here. So, now we’ll go in here and take a screenshot and. If we tap on this you’ll see we can mark this up just like we could before but we have an option up here for full-page and now I’ve got my full website page and I can mark that up and you’ll see there’s a new pencil tab or pencil palette down here as well. So, I’ve got all these different new icons can circle on everything erase whatever we want and we can move this wherever we’d like. So, if we want it on the side here we can move it. If we want it over here we can move it. So, it’s really nice and works throughout the OS when you need to use the pencil it’s a pretty nice way of doing things now the next thing has to do with fonts I mentioned this in my iOS 13 video and in general there is fonts now there are no new fonts yet but you’ll be able to install them at some point apparently and let’s check out notes next because this is pretty nice if we go into notes you’ll see here’s my note from before maybe I’ll just type something hi how are you today and I’ll just put good just to make this have a couple separate things now they’ve changed the way you interact with text so let me zoom in here to show you. So, now instead of kind of tapping and figuring out where you are. If you put your finger down and then move it around you can just move the cursor around it’s much much easier and now. If I want to select text I can tab and then just drag it around it’s really easy and then there’s a new gesture for copying and it’s a three finger pinch and pinch in and pinch out. So,. If we pinch in it says copy up at the top.

So, let me do that again. So, we’ll tap here. So, now I’ve selected this and. If I want to copy let me copy it it says copy up here then let’s godown here scroll a little bit and then pinch out to paste it it’s one way to copy and paste. If you want to undo three fingers three fingers on the keyboard should undo or redo. So, to the left to the left is undo to the right is redo. So, again left or right is undo and redo. So, you can do that pretty simply and it shows up on top showing you what you’re actually doing now photos gets a redesign just like iOS does and it’s split in two years and things like that and it’s really nice it will take a while to kind of figure out how everything is going to organize itself using machine learning but you’ll see there’s days months years you can break it up with a little tab up there and I went over this in my iOS 13 video it’s the same thing here with the iPad as far as that and editing one of the features I’ve been very interested to see. If it’s here and it is is keyboard and mouse support. So, it already supports keyboards but under accessibility you’ll see we have keyboards and Apple has added a bunch of shortcuts for that but also. If we go to touch we have assistive touch we can turn that on and then down here you’ll see we have pointing devices and mouse keys. So,. If I go to pointing devices you can add a Bluetooth device or. If you have a USB dongle and say a Microsoft Mouse with a USB key on the bottom you can just take this plug it in plug it in the bottom here and now it says Microsoft 2.4 gigahertz transceiver version 6 and we can assign the buttons on the actual Mouse itself and. So, we’ve got those options and of course we’ve got other options as well for pointing and what they do but as you can see here let’s see. If I can move this over you can see I’m moving a cursor around the screen if I right-click I can go home and then I could go maybe to the app store I’ll hit retry here and we can scroll with the scroll wheel it goes up and down and then click on whatever we want. So, this could be very helpful for editing and things like that and say luma fusion and then of course you’ve got your different touch notifications here or touch buttons. So, it’s really nice and basically anything you had here but now you have your button here I can justdrag back and forth it’s very responsive.

So, that’s really nice as well now a major feature with iPad OS is called sidecar and sidecar allows you to control a Mac and I’m actually doing it wirelessly you can see the icon right here you just go to the Mac and tell it to connect you can see it right here let me zoom in a little bit and now I have full control of my Mac I’m actually in Final Cut right now and I’m wirelessly moving things and you can see I just move that you’ve got all your different trim things here and then I can go to different apps maybe I want to go to Safari I can tap on Safari it’s a little bit strange at first to use and it works much better with the pencil. So, we’ll go to Apple here and you’ll see we don’t have the keyboard because well we could use the Mac keyboard.

So, let me just type over here and you’ll see I was just typing on my Mac and now I can scroll through with two fingers. So, the interface is pretty interesting these are things like shift and go back and again I can go to Final Cut Pro here and completely edit I hit the back button and it works it’s pretty incredible that it works this well. If I go into music it will open music. So, you can see I have music on the iPad. If I go back over to Final Cut I can go to Final Cut I can drag the windows around and it’s in real time on the Mac and it’s pretty incredible that I can do that and I’m on my iPad. So, I can just swipe off like that and I’m not sure. If we can bring anything else in maybe we can bring notes in and it doesn’t like to be resized. So, it won’t work that way but you can see it just went away it actually caused an error on the MacBook but. If I go back in it actually automatically finds the device and connects to it. So, that part’s great I’ve got my full Mac here.

So, maybe I want to edit a video and sit on the couch and do it wirelessly I could do that it’s pretty nice and it works really fast wirelessly or wired there’s also updates to a couple apps I covered in iOS 13 that video there’s maps messages reminders mail and then there’s a huge update to the file app on this particular device. So, let’s go into that will go into files and you’ll see there’s files now we have a column view here by using this button and then we can look at name date size kind tags and this has a lot of different capabilities. So, we’ll go to iCloud Drive and you’ll see there’s some things here and that’s pretty nice it’s kind of like what we’d see in finder on the Mac but one of the great things about this is it has a ton of different features. So, it now not only has the new view but you can connect to servers such as SMBservers external drives it will unzip and zip files. So, I have a little a little SD card reader here let me take an SD card will plug it into the bottom and see what we get. So, we’ll plug that in should take a moment and it should show up on the left there we go it says lumix from my camera and now we have access here and this will allow you to access it not only in files but the app directly. So, they’ll have to update their app whoever makes it but you can see my folders and files here these are pictures I took before I can open them share them rotate edit whatever I want and we have all the metadata here on the right.

So, that’s super helpful and finally we now have more power from the iPhone. So, we have a dinner from the iPad we have a desktop version we have that and we can probably use this as the main PC now with all those different apps we also have a pretty interesting feature. If you’re an enterprise user you can separate data for work and home accounts and then if you’re into games this is pretty exciting you can use a ps4 or an Xbox one as controller with this device.

So, If you want to use that for games maybe like minecraft things like that you can do that now there is support for a few more things I never mentioned in my iOS 13 video and that is different languages so. If we go here we’ve got language and region and the languages are there’s 30 on the iPad but then also. If you use Siri wherever Siri went here Siri has new languages as well specifically for English India. So, that’s nice and there’s quite a few updates for that. So, language enhancements for India there’s a lot of different changes specifically on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 13. 

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